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You can request a FREE Snapshot Report of your business’s online presence.  This report is an in-depth analysis of your business’s website performance, reviews, social media presence, online listings and SEO.  See if you’re easily searchable, what your customers think about you and how you compare to your industry average. Plus, find out where you’re listed and whether or not those listings are accurate.

To request your Snapshot Report, fill out the form below with your business information, and you will receive an email with a link to your report.  Please be aware that the Snapshot Report collects and analyzes loads of data from the internet and it can take up to 48 hours for your report to finalize.

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Example Snapshot Report

Website Snapshot Report


Reviews your website for mobile responsiveness, upload speed and homepage content. Includes recommendations for issues to fix.


Searches over 30 customer review sites and compares your review status to the average for your industry.


Investigates your business's social media presence and compares it to the industry average. Also points out missing or incorrectly set up social media accounts.


Searches over 70 online directories to see where your business is listed. Compares the listed information to your current business info and checks for errors.


Provides valuable insights on how your SEO stacks up against your competitors. Reviews organic keyword performance and keyword rankings.

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