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If you refer a new customer to Western Mass Web Design and they make a qualifying purchase, you are eligible to receive up to a $225 Amazon.com eGift Card.  See referral rates below.  Participation in the Refer-a-Friend Program requires signing up below and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the program.  Be sure to add info@wmasswebdesign.com to your Safe Sender List so you don’t miss out on promotions and updates.  

Referral Rates

Website Design
$ 1
SEO Services
$ 1
$ 1

Just tell your friends to check out 413web.com for their website design or online marketing needs.  Free website reviews are available upon request or they can request a free online presence Snapshot Report right here.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most frequent questions and answers

    How do I make a referral?

    First make sure that you sign up for the Program.  Then just recommend that your local business owner friends check out our website: 413web.com or wmasswebdesign.com (they both go to the same place).  Let them know that I offer FREE website and/or online marketing reviews if they’re unsure what services they are interested in.  They can also request a FREE online presence Snapshot Report right here.

    Who can I refer?

    Western Mass Web Design specializes in web design and online marketing for small to medium-sized local businesses.  Our primary service area is the greater Springfield to Amherst area (see About Us).  However, we can accept referrals from outside this area.  

    Can I just give you my friend's phone number?

    As a general rule, I don’t do cold calls because who wants to receive an unsolicited sales call.  If you want to provide your friend’s business name and email, I will send them an email stating that you thought they might be interested in my services.  However, the likelihood of a successful sale is much lower than if you provide a direct referral.

    How do I receive my eGift Card?

    All clients will be asked if someone referred them to our services.  We will then contact you using the email that you provided in the sign up form.  Be sure to add info@wmasswebdesign.com to your safe sender list so you don’t miss out.  After we contact you, you must reply within two weeks of receipt to claim your gift.  Then an eGift Card will be emailed to you. 

    What services qualify for a referral?

    Website design ($100), Search Engine Optimization ($100), and Hosting ($25) all qualify for referral fees.  More services will be added soon.

    I don't want an Amazon eGift Card. Can I get cash instead?

    When contacted about your referral fee, you can opt to receive “cash” instead.  In order to receive cash, you must provide either a PayPal email or a Venmo ID.

    Refer-a-Friend Program Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions (“terms”) apply to the Western Mass Web Design (WMWD) Refer-A-Friend program (“Refer-A-Friend Program” or “Program”). By referring a customer, purchasing a service or otherwise participating under the Program, the referring customer (“advocate”) and referred new customer (“new customer”), as the case may be, agree to these terms. These terms have been revised and are effective as of July 31, 2019. 

    1.  Rewards: 

    Under the Program, eligible advocates and new customers satisfying all Program eligibility criteria shall each receive a reward (“Reward”). The type and amount of the Reward shall be determined by WMWD and is subject to change in WMWD’s sole discretion. Subject to the satisfaction of the Program eligibility criteria.

    Subject to the Reward limit as explained in Section 6 below, the Reward for the advocate is an Amazon eGift Card (“Card”) in the following amounts for each referred new customer:  Website Design $100, SEO Services $100, and Hosting $25.  


    Advocate may elect to receive cash instead of an eGift Card.  Cash can only be sent via PayPal or Venmo.

    2.  Eligibility; Services:

    Rewards are only available to United States residents who are 18 years of age or older.

    Qualifying Services include the following PinPoint Local provider services: Website Design, SEO Services, and Hosting.  

    To receive a Reward the advocate must enroll in the Program, the advocate must refer a new customer who is not an employee of WMWD, the new customer must purchase a WMWD service and all other Program criteria must be satisfied.  Under no circumstances shall a WMWD advocate be eligible for a Reward for referring a WMWD employee as a new customer. WMWD may at any time change the Service(s) required to receive a Reward under the Program. By participating in the Program, the advocate agrees that WMWD may share their name, with the new customer and others, including third-party providers, for the purpose of administering the Program. 

    3.  Program Enrollment:

    To enroll in the Program the advocate must register for the Program and accept the Program Terms and Conditions through the Program website currently located at www.wmasswebdesign.com/refer-a-friend-program/ (as may be revised by WMWD, “Site”).

    Advocates may not promote the Program through paid media, such as billboards, banner advertisements, or sponsored search results.  Advocates may not enter into an arrangement with any third party that compensates that third party for promoting the Program or referrals.     

    New customers may only submit one advocate referral when ordering a service.

    4.  Reward Requirements:

    In order for the advocate to receive a Reward, the advocate must refer a new customer for a Service and the new customer must: 

    • Purchase a qualifying service.
    • Maintain the Service(s) for at least the first 30 consecutive days after purchasing the Service, with an account in good standing. 
      If any Service(s) are cancelled, downgraded or changed by the advocate or new customer during the above-referenced 30-day period, the Reward (if any), shall be determined by the remaining Service(s) which satisfy the Program criteria.

    5.  Reward Fulfillment:

    Any Rewards for the referring advocate will not be issued until after the new customer purchases and continues Service for the 30-day period explained in Section 4 above. WMWD’s tracking of orders shall determine if and when a Reward is to be issued. Subject to the satisfaction of all Program criteria, the Reward will be sent approximately two weeks following the end of the 30-day period. All customers are required to pay all invoices in full.

    WMWD will email advocate once it is determined that they are eligible to receive a Reward.  Advocate must reply to this email within two weeks of receipt or they will forfeit the Reward.  Once confirmation is received, an eGift Card or equivalent cash reward will be sent with two weeks. 



    Cards may not be transferred, assigned or redeemed for cash. Cards are subject to the terms and conditions accompanying the Card.

    7.  General Provisions:

    If multiple referrals for the same person are received only one Reward, subject to these terms, will be provided for the referral first received by WMWD, as determined by WMWD.

    Rewards may not be combined with other referral rewards or similar programs. 

    The Program is void in all areas where prohibited.

    WMWD employees who are responsible for selling WMWD Services and/or products, including services and/or products of WMWD Business, as well as WMWD third party contractors, vendors and agents and their employees (including but not limited to those engaged in sales for WMWD and/or WMWD Business) and all others with whom they are domiciled, (collectively referred to as “Sales Agents”), which Sales Agents shall be determined by WMWD in its sole discretion, are not eligible to participate in the Program or receive any Rewards, discounts or other promotional offers under the Program for referring a customer, being referred as a customer, or otherwise.

    WMWD reserves the right to change Rewards and eligibility criteria under the Program, and to alter, modify, suspend or terminate the Program or any component thereof at any time upon notice, which notice may be provided through the Program Site, mail, e-mail or such other methods as determined by WMWD in its sole discretion.

    Questions? Contact us at (413) 345-6726

    Effective as of July 29, 2019